Bulk SMS in India | Bulk SMS Service Provider India

Bulk SMS in India | Bulk SMS Service Provider India - Short Message Service or simply the SMS is a revolution of mobile phone industry. SMS are also known as the Text Message. In the initial days of 21st century, SMS got huge popularity. After seeing the rapid popularity of SMS, companies decided to do marketing of their product through SMS. But since they are targeting a large mass to whom they will start to campaign about their product, it will be an irritable situation to send SMS to the people individually. They started to think about some tool by which they will be able to send the promotional SMS in bulk to campaign about their product. Following this idea, a new concept was developed called 'Bulk Short Message Service' or the 'Bulk SMS'.

Uses of Bulk sms
  • Marketing through sms
  • Letting know your customers about new product
  • Business promotion
  • Product Promotion
  • Invitations on shop openings
  • Vote appeal

Why bulk sms
  • Cost effective
  • Lets you reach as many as people you want
  • Customized marketing solution
  • Provide beneficial results
  • Esteemed Promotion

Number of SMS Transaction Route Marketing Route
25000 13ps 13ps
50000 12ps 12ps
1 Lakh 11ps 11ps
5 Lakh 10ps 10ps