Voice Call Service

Make your impact more than words, send pre-recorded messages in your voice and make it more reachable to your valuable profits. This pre-recorded message provides the benefit of most penetrative reach and personalised messages. Voice call services enable an effective communication with your customers by calling their mobile/ landline numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded message through a fully automated online system. It is a impactful service to convey your message in relatively short period of time with less chances to be ignored. With time this service has been used by many businesses to evoke an instant response. And why not it helps you pull the right tone of your mass marketing campaign quite effectively.
At Daksh SMS we understand the need of the hour and combat voice calling limitations with our expert Voice Call services. Our services have registered high response rate and have helped users connect to remotest destinations through our rich processing layout and extensive features wrapped in a single package with lowest prices than anywhere else. To maintain ourselves as leading voice call services in Jaipur and successful call delivery within minimum time Daksh SMS acquires a superfluous network of all major network providers with tele- connectivity across various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad and many more.

How It Works
Bulk Voice calls are automated calls that involve automated dialing multiple mobile contacts at once using computer managed lists requiring no operators or dialer. These calls can be scheduled for the specific time and can be provided with auto redial mode for convenience
At our voice call centre, our experts keep consistent check on the process till the time it gets over and even beyond that to make sure nothing goes wrong.
  • Our Daksh SMS offers Fast, Reliable and penetrative Voice call with
  • Call scheduling and automatic redial facility
  • Easy Recording options and high quality recording instruments
  • Covering prominent Indian cities and also their remotest parts
  • Send with voice in your own language
  • No hidden costs. No set up fees
  • Adding human touch to message